Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why? God, Why?

So the Giants offered arbitration to Jason Christiansen and declined arbitration for Hermanson, Nen, Burba, and Ledee.

On the surface, this isn't horrible. Nen can still sign that minor league deal he's so fond of and pitch for us in May. Hermanson is going to get "closer money" from someone, which is more than he's worth. Burba was a throwaway deal and no loss. And since Christiansen has apparently agreed not to actually take us to arbitration, then we either sign him at a deal we like, or he goes away and we get a draft pick.

Speaking of which..


Not that we want him. We don't. But he's ALREADY SIGNED WITH THE DODGERS!!! Doesn't that mean that if we go through the motions of offering him arbitration, then we retroactively get a Dodger draft pick? I may be off-base here, we may already have gotten that draft pick since LA signed him. If so, please tell me. Otherwise, what the Hell is wrong with us? We're already giving away 2 draft picks for Omar and Armando. Can't we at least get one back? Or are we banking on our first pick in the draft bring in the 18th round?

If there is someone smarter than me out there, help this ignorant fool understand.

Until then, I'm gonna go hang my head in shame.

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