Friday, March 26, 2004

Die Hard with a B-Movie

I am desperately trying to finish this Spawn of Satan Re-write on The Installation by Saturday. I've got 97 pages right now, and I'm more or less in the climax, but it's isn't all that exciting, and I'm worried that I've blew my momentum with a rousing false climax at around 92 or 93.

What I need to do is just finish the damn thing, then go back and fix it. The re-write of this re-write will be massive. And it will be done in one day. And cows will fly out of my butt. Have I mentioned that I dislike this project?

Usually, I have a really whiz-bang ending in my head before I even start, and it's just a matter of getting there. But this time, I dunno. I broke my own rules and wrote before thinking and now I've got this monstrosity on my hands.

Also, writing 7 or 8 pages a day, I lose track of the forest for the trees. Right now I've got 2 good guys left and 2 bad guys. Naturally, I need to have the good guys defeat the bad guys and toss us all a happy ending. But how? I've set up long ago that the real physical battle was going to be between the hero and the "Karl" character (to use Die Hard analogy). But the battle against "Karl" (he's the blonde baddie who Bruce Willis eventually dispatches by tying a chain around his neck and swinging him off the stairwell) was both A) to "ultimate" a struggle and B) to final for my own good. See, in Die Hard, Karl comes back one last time after we thought he was dead at the very end when everyone's hugging and cheering. He's the "surprise scare" and it works because even though we thought he was dead much earlier, he was really just hanging around, free to come back like a bad Supervillain. Problem with my Karl is, I blew him up. Pretty severely. Not sure how he's supposed to come back after that.

Then, of course, comes the question of how to kill my "Hans" (Alan Rickman). I don't have a nice zillion-story tower to drop him out of. Another fight? Boring. Boring, boring, boring. He's the big baddie, he needs a special demise.

And I'm all special-ed out.

And it's due tomorrow.

And I'm wasting time writing this rather than the script.