Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In The Beginning...

Why does anyone start a blog? A place to vent to the unknown populace of the Internet? A chance to share their views with like-minded people across the globe? Ego?

Well, I'm all for a good ego-boost every now and then. But basically, as a writer, I have found that putting my thoughts down on paper helps me organize them. And then hopefully masses of people will read them and decide that I'm a brilliant savant who deserves truck-loads of money.

Or something like that.

The project du jour is a B-level action script called The Installation. A deal is pretty much in place to make it for @$250,000 if I ever finish the script. So I'm writing, trying to connect the dots and make everyone happy. One problem.

I hate this script.

I should never have pitched it. It's a disaster waiting to happen. What am I gonna make on it? $5,000? For all the Hell it's putting me through, the rewrites, the rules I have to follow, the roles I have to write to fit the stars who come attached to the money, it's almost not worth it.

But I have a deadline, and so I toil...