Monday, August 30, 2004

It's Raining Snow

Right now, after going 0-2 so far as the Giants fall behind 3-1 to the Braves, J.T. Snow is hitting .323. And it's not an empty .323, as an OBP of .424 and an SLG of .514 (!) will attest. That Snow has an OPS of .938 is one of those "check to make sure it's not raining locusts" end-of-the-world signs.

So this begs the question, should he be our 1B in 2005?

Which is actually a more interesting question than "WILL he be our 1B in 2005" because I'm betting he will. There's a $2 mil option which will be difficult to pass up for a 1B with a .938 OPS and Gold Glove. Problem is, we won't be getting .938 in 2005. We'll be getting @ .750. And While $2 mil for a .750 OPS at short or second might be worthwhile, not so at 1B. We can get REAL 1B who will hit .900 or more on a consistant basis and strike fear into the heart of pitchers everywhere. They'll cost more, but tell me throwing a healthy Mr. Delgado, or Mr. Sexton into the 5-hole behind The Barry doesn't improve things.

I mean come on people. Which is more believable? That at 32, J.T. figured it out and has raised his game to the level of the elite for all time? Or that posting a BA, OBP, and SLG all higher than career bests turns 2004 (in less than full-time -- he doesn't qualify for the batting title yet) makes him this year's Brady Anderson?

If only he was Brady Anderson of '96. 50 HRs would look mighty good right now.

The true horror is the idea that Sabean gets all excited, falls over himself, and signs Snow to another 4-year deal at $17 mil per or something.

That's a chilling Snow thought.

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