Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Noah's Arc

First, I just need to say.. Thank God we finally have a closer who will come in and shut the door on the opposition.


OK, Let's investigate one Noah Lowry, supposed Savior of the Franchise.

Here are two pitchers, which would you rather have in your rotation?

ERA K/9 BB/9 OPS Against
Pitcher A 2.84 8.53 2.27 .693
Pitcher B 5.74 7.43 4.05 .807

Well they both have decent K/9 rates, one pitcher does seem to be quite a bit better than the other. Of course, no surprise, both of these pitchers are Noah Lowry. Pitcher A is at Pac Bell, and Pitcher B is anywhere else in the Major League Baseball universe.

So is Noah really the Savior of the Franchise? Or is he one of those pitchers who somehow MATCHES UP WELL WITH PAC BELL?

I'd say his next start will be a good indicator, but it's against Arizona. At Pac Bell. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Lowry to throw another shut-out.

They have platoons in the field all the time, how about platoons in the rotation? Now that we know Tomko hates pitching at Pac Bell, lets shift Lowry and Tomko back and forth in the rotation. If the 5th spot falls at home, Lowry pitches and Tomko is long man from the bull-pen for a few days before and after. If the 5th spot falls somewhere else, Tomko pitches, Lowry goes deep.

Just a suggestion.

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