Thursday, November 11, 2004

More Moises

I've gotten some feedback on my less-than-subtle on-my-knees begging for Moises Alou to join Daddy and smack the ball around Pac Bell.

My first reaction is one of surprise. I honestly had no idea anyone ever read this thing. I should start spell-checking it.

But my second was to look at the over-arching comments and see if they're right, I'm right, or we're all right, so let's just get along.

The main knock against Mr. Moises that came out was the idea that he makes a lot of outs. I'm not so sure this is as true, at least on paper, as it may seem. In 2004, he had a .361 OBP, slightly below his career average of .367. However, it's been 4 years and 2 teams since he's matched his career average. Still, his lowest OBP in the last decade was .337., and that was three years ago in his first tour of Cubbie duty. Looking closer at that year, it looks to be an aberration in his career. Here are his OPS totals for the last 11 years:

.823, .989, .801, .796, .866, .981, .1.039, .950, .756, .819, .918

His .756 stands out as his lowest by over 50 points in the last seven years. Also, he's IMPROVED for three straight years.

Meanwhile, even were Alou to match his worst season in the past 11 years and manage a .337 OBP, that's better than the 2004 OBP posted by:

Deivi Cruz
Neifi (duh over 300 at bats for a .276 OBP!)

And if he does what he did last year? A below career-average .361? Add these names to the list:


In fact, of the 2004 Giants to get 100 at bats, only four beat him. Bonds, of course. Snow. Mohr. And Durham (but only barely, at .364)

So while a number of Cubs fans are saying how Alou makes so many outs. All I can say is.. sounds like a perfect fit!

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