Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What Do You Do With A Problem Like Pierzynski

That headline, of course, needs to be sung to the tune of the Maria song from Sound of Music, just so you know.

Marty Cortinas of Across the Seams (a great Giants blog that you probably already know about, got to have an intimate 1 on 250 chat with Sabean and Magowan. (Do they invite random bloggers? Can I sign up for the next one?) They say a lot of things that you're better off reading first-hand.

A couple of items of note. It sure as heck sounds like D.P. Pierzynski is headed for the greener pastures of the untendered. While this may mean the Yorvit era has officially begun, it may also herald the search for another catcher.

Meanwhile, Sabean laments that they needs to find a position for Feliz to get regular playing time.

Dude! Solve two birds with one stone! Can Pedro catch?

Also, it sounds like Sabean accepts blame for, basically, making a bad trade when he tossed Nathan. Nice to hear the man take responsibility for his actions. Not that it makes it an y easier to watch Nathan become an all-star closer while our bullpen costs us a Post-Season spot, but one hopes he learns from his mistakes.

Of course, he did just sign a 37 (almost 38) year-old shortstop...

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