Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh Please, oh please, oh please...

According to, Moises Alou wants to be a Giant.

Make no mistake about this, he WANTS to come here. If he were offered identical contracts from every team, he'd pick SF.

Do we want him?

Well he's old. 38. So he fits right in. An outfield of Bonds, Grissom, and Alou may well be one of the oldest outfields ever.


Last year he hit .291 and smacked 39 HRs for an OPS of .919. .919!!! If he can even come close to his career average of .880, how much of a lift is that over The Tuckernator?

I know what you're saying. We don't need offence. We need pitching.

Well actually, we need a Bullpen. Our rotation is fine. I'm perfectly happy with Schmidt/Tomko/Williams/Lowry/Rueter(Foppert). That's a good group. But come on, do we want to overpay for Percival? How much would Benitez cost?

But the offence... Add Alou. Here's your line-up.

Random Catcher (Yorvit, A.J., whatever)

Suddenly, we can score some serious runs. Suddenly, we have that 2nd real threat we've lacked since El Truck Washer left town.

This is not a pipe dream... HE WANTS TO COME HERE!

Who's with me?


Byron said...

May you get what you want. :)

Just a little note from a Chicago Cubs fan. Sure, Mo can hit... he has a nice long swing and when he connects, he can pull the ball nicely down the left field line.

Of course, Mo has other skills too. He likes to turn singles into doubles when he is playing in the outfield... and doubles into singles when he is hitting. His arm is pretty good too... I heard he threw the fat kid on his little league team out at home plate when he was seven... all the other runners since then have just been lucky, barely sliding in under the catchers tag. And don't forget Mo's clubhouse manner is definitely what you in San Francisco expect from aged veteran left fielders... I've heard he's very pleasant to be around from 7:59 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

As for your announcers, I hope Jon Miller is a homer, cause when Mo is done with him... he might switch to ESPN full time.

Seriously: Alou is a good hitter, and occasionally pretty clutch, but if you guys in San Fran are hoping Alou will be a savior for your team, you might want to think twice. He's a fantastic batter on paper, but has horrible fundamental issues.

Cubdom Byron - Cubs fan

David M. Beyer said...

The magic of Barry Bonds is that, not only does he hit homers, but he DOESN'T MAKE OUTS. Alou makes a LOT of outs. Signing Alou is a blessing only if he comes cheap.